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Flight Level 3 Design

Flight Levels Self-Paced Online Workshop
Builds on:
Badge: Introduction to Flight Levels
  • Managers on different levels
  • Team leads
  • Tribe leads
  • Department heads
  • Scrum Master, Agile Coaches
  • Change Agents, Agile minds
  • Product owner
  • Managers on different levels
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Design Flight Level 3 System for your strategy execution

Make your strategy happen and free it from PowerPoint slides and wishy-washy chatter. Connect your strategy with delivery and put it into reality - build a Flight Level 3 system and learn how to operate it in this self-paced online course.

What we will cover
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0 Topics
0 Topics
This lesson provides a brief overview of the Flight Level 3 Design course.
Flight Level 3 Essentials
3 Topics
In this lesson, we will explore Flight Level 3 systems, aiming to create a general perspective on the topic.
A Flight Level 3 Board
3 Topics
"Start with the end in mind". We'll be taking a look at a real Flight Level 3 system in action. You'll get a peek at what makes up the key elements of a Flight Level 3 Board.
Flight Level 3 at Different Scales
5 Topics
What's the right company size for Flight Level 3 systems? Short answer: anywhere from 1 to 100,000+ people. In this chapter, you'll explore how connection patterns can help leverage Flight Level 3 systems across different company sizes.
Introduce Use Case
2 Topics
Flight Levels came 100% out of real-world experience, so naturally, that's how you learn it - through practice. In this course, you will design a Flight Level 3 system from your own company or a context you know. In this lesson, we'll set that context.
6 Topics
A Flight Level 3 system is here to support you in executing your strategies, irrespective of the tools you use to develop your strategy. In this lesson, you will meet SOFI, which will help you connect your strategy tools to the Flight Levels universe.
Flight Level 3 Board Design
2 Topics
At this point, you've got a sense of how Flight Level 3 systems look and operate and you understand how to connect them with your existing strategy tools. Now, you'll create the first draft of your very own FL3 Board. You'll be using Design Patterns - patterns that have proven successful across many companies over the years.
7 Topics
One crucial aspect of Flight Level 3 systems is transitioning the focus from completing tasks or projects to attaining business outcomes. This lesson will guide you in formulating effective outcomes.
3 Topics
This lesson is all about providing context for folks working with the Flight Level 3 board. This is achieved by formulating stories.
Create Focus and Set Constraints
3 Topics
In this lesson, you'll learn how to create focus on topics at the Flight Level 3 board and how to use budget and time as tools to set constraints. This ensures that strategic topics are not just worked on but also get finished.
Establish Agile Interactions
3 Topics
In this lesson, you'll learn about the meetings you need to ensure the right folks are working on the right topics at the right time.
Take-Off and Conclusions
4 Topics
You've got your Flight Level 3 Board set up and ready to roll. Now the trick is to get it running within your company. This lesson will show you how to do just that.
Feedback & Certificate of Completion
2 Topics

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Flight Level 3 Design

Flight Levels Self-Paced Online Workshop

Design Flight Level 3 System for your organization. Find the missing links between company strategy and delivery teams.

  • Discover Flight Level 3 Systems: Gain insights through sample use cases, illustrating how companies utilize Flight Level 3 Boards and their practical applications.
  • Build Your Own Flight Level 3 Board: Use recognized design patterns that companies around the world use to build strategic Flight Level 3 boards.
  • Create Meaningful Outcomes: Establish real-time indicators to determine if you’re on the right path to achieving short-, medium-, or long-term objectives.
  • Setup Effective Operation of Your Flight Level 3: Ensure the right people collaborate at the right time to translate strategic intent into practical implementation.
  • Take-Off: Learn what it takes to successfully roll out your Flight Level 3 Board within your organization.
  • Available in English and German
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Klaus ist ein wahrer Meister. Sein Kurs zog einige sehr helle Köpfe an. Von ihm und mit den andere im Kurs zu lernen war eine echte Bereicherung. Werde noch lange Zeit beim Reflektieren über den Kurs(-inhalt) neue Erkenntnisse gewinnen können.

August 11, 2023
Stefan Scherer

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