Flight Levels Workshops Program

Learning about Flight Levels is designed as a journey from starting out and use Flight Levels in your own area, then on a company scale, to guiding others on their Flight Levels journey.

While we recommend starting from the beginning, not everyone will want to become a Flight Levels Guide.

Choose which part of the program suits you best

Flight Levels Foundations

Introduction to Flight Levels

  • – The fundamentals of flow
  • – What it looks like when you have it
  • – How to tell if you don’t
  • – Fundamentally, what FL can do about it

Flow Design

  • – How to design and operate a single system (departments or team)
  • – How to visualize end to end workflow.
  • – Fundamentals of good system design

Flight Levels Practitioner

System Architecture

  • – How to connect multiple systems together
  • – How to design effective interactions between systems, and between levels.
  • – Learn how to consider where to start, so that the changes are as small as possible.
  • – How to create focus across multiple departments/teams

Coaching Skills

  • – Leading and facilitating change
  • – Coach and teach skills
  • – How to work with and influence people
  • – Creating the cultural capabilities for effective collaboration

Flight Levels Guide

Flight Levels Coach

  • – Advanced change leadership and coaching strategies
  • – Working at multiple levels of details
  • – Engaging with senior leadership, and connecting the entire organization 
  • – How to define and lead a change program
  • – Engaging individuals stakeholders at all levels
  • – Creating cohesive groups
  • – Facilitating goal design, and collaborative delivery.
  • – Become a Flight Levels Guide

Teaching and Co-Facilitation

  • – Teach Flight Levels in your company, or to your clients.
  • – Pair up with another Guide, and facilitate or teach these tools to others
  • – As a Guide, be able to offer inhouse and public workshops for the various modules in the curriculum, as you complete the requisite co-facilitation 

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