Flight Levels Workshops Program

Many people have been reading our book Rethinking Agile and saying “we need this in our company”. Some even describe it as the missing link. However, the book offers only a small glimpse into the problems we are solving and it outlines some of our solutions. There is so much more once you get into the details… This has prompted the Flight Levels Academy to clarify its workshop program and introduce titles to make it easier to understand who has which knowledge and who has which experience. Our workshop programs show you a way to use Flight Levels to help entire organizations achieve true business agility – tailored to your requirements, your company size, and your knowledge base!

Use Flight Levels in a Company

Flight Levels Flow Enabler

  • Manage flow of a tribe, departments, or product area
  • Scope: 30 – 300 people
  • Learn how to design your flow, create focus, establish agile interactions, and support change

Flight Levels Systems Architect

  • Manage flow across the whole company – many tribes, departments, or product areas
  • Scope: 1,000 – 100,000 people
  • Requirements: Strong experience with flow and coaching skills.

Coach and Teach Flight Levels

Flight Levels Coach

  • Coach Flight Levels at the organization level
  • For experienced leaders, change agents, and consultants who are supporting the organizations change journey

Flight Levels Guide

  • Teach and certify Flight Levels
  • Become a Flight Levels Guide, and help folks along their learning journey
  • Requirements: completion of the Flight Levels Coach program or similar professional qualification

Introduction to Flight Levels

FLIN – 0,5 days

You can choose your own learning pace with this online introductory workshop. First, you will analyze why companies aren’t able to improve their performance sustainably despite ambitious agile transformation programs. After that, you will thoroughly get to know the functioning of the Flight Levels concept as the missing link between team agility and true business agility. 

Flight Levels Flow Enabler

Step 1: Become a Flight Levels Flow Enabler (FLFE)

After three workshops you will have a firm grasp of the Flight Levels Concept. You will know how to tailor it to the collaboration of 30 to 300 people in an organization by managing dependencies between several teams. Through developing your coaching skills, you will be able to support others in working with their Flight Level Systems.

Workshop Requirements: Flight Levels Introduction

Flight Levels Flow Design

FLFD – 2 days

In this workshop, you will practice applying the 5 activities by which you can initiate and keep up the flow of communication and information between multiple Flight Levels Systems. One of the main topics will be the management of dependencies. After having finished this workshop you will know how to build boards for use at Flight Level 2 and how to coordinate the work of 30 to 300 people – across teams, products, and/or services. It will be clear to you how you can use this tool to manage dependencies and thereby improve the performance of whole parts of the value chain systematically. 

Flight Levels Coaching Skills

FLCS – 2 days

As soon as you have to coordinate the work of several teams on Flight Level 2, you will experience the dynamics of large groups. Connecting those Flight Levels Systems will challenge your abilities in facilitation and organization. This workshop offers the possibility to improve your skills in working with small and large groups, in understanding their dynamics, and in handling them constructively and productively during workshops.

Flight Levels SystemS Architect

STEP 2 – Become a Flight Levels Systems Architect

We consider organizations as a network of many different Flight Levels Systems. It is the goal to sooner or later connect all of these systems so that strategic decisions reach the operational level in real-time. The Flight Levels Architect, therefore, asks the question: Which Flight Levels Systems are needed in the organization, and who decides which workflows through the organization on which routes? As an FLSA you will work on the operational organization: You will connect the Systems on all three Flight Levels of a company and you will design simulations that offer insights into how to improve the interactions between those systems.

Requirements: Flight Levels Introduction, strong experience with flow and coaching skills

Flight Levels Systems Architecture

FLSA – 2 days
You will learn:

  • How to connect Flight Level 1, 2, 3 systems together
  • How to design effective interactions between systems, and between levels.
  • Learn how to consider where to start, so that the changes are as small as possible.
  • How to create focus across multiple departments/teams

CERTIFIED Flight Levels Coach

STEP 3: Become a Certified Flight Levels Coach (CFLC)

As soon as the decision is made to improve the operational organization of a whole company by applying the Flight Levels Concept, change is on the horizon. The Flight Levels Coach knows the specifics of the Systems on different Flight Levels. He or she knows how Flight Levels Architectures are designed and rolled out, how the information flow between Flight Levels is established and how changes are best communicated in order to attain business agility for the entire organization. The FLC supports groups in building their Flight Levels Systems and offers an abundance of empathy and reflection capabilities in accompanying others during this process – top managers as well as large groups and individual team members.

You can choose how you want to go about this special training: Either you attend the short version which concentrates all topics in a compressed 6-day-workshop-week or you chose the long version, extended on 4×3 days spread over half a year. 
Requirements: being an FLFE and an FLSA and practical experience with Flight Levels

Flight Levels Coach

FLC – either 6 or 12 days
You will learn:

  • Advanced change leadership and coaching strategies
  • Working at multiple levels of details
  • Engaging with senior leadership, and connecting the entire organization 
  • How to define and lead a change program
  • Engaging individuals stakeholders at all levels
  • Creating cohesive groups
  • Facilitating goal design, and collaborative delivery.
  • Become a Flight Levels Guide

CERTIFIED Flight Levels Guide

STEP 4: Become a Certified Flight Levels Guide (CFLG)

If you are already working as a coach and you can give us proof of your extensive experience with Flight Levels, you may consider becoming a Flight Levels Guide certified by the Flight Levels Academy. This is a very personal training: We will choose an FLA-Guide that matches well with you. Together you will prepare and conduct each of our workshops. After successful completion, you are entitled to offer workshops of the Flight Levels Academy and to issue the according to certificates.

Requirements: being CFLC, strong practical experience with Flight Levels

Teaching and Co-Facilitation

You will learn:

  • Teach Flight Levels in your company, or to your clients.
  • Pair up with another Guide, and facilitate or teach these tools to others
  • As a Guide, be able to offer inhouse and public workshops for the various modules in the curriculum, as you complete the requisite co-facilitation 
  • Contact us, if you want to become a Certified Flight Levels Guide.

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