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Flight Level 2 Design

Establishing collaboration across teams, departments, products, services, tribes, etc.

design & operate Flight Levels within your product & service structure

Design your Flight Levels 2 System without an expensive major reorganization. Overcome silos and bottlenecks across your organization. Learn how to use Flight Levels to enable successful collaboration across teams, departments, and tribes working on products & services.

  • Everyone responsible for coordinating work across multiple teams:
  • Team Leads
  • Tribe Leads
  • Middle Managers
  • Department Heads
  • Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Change Agents and all Agile minds
  • Product Owners

Discover what collaboration across your organization looks in reality. Learn how to design Flight Levels 2 Systems in your own context and where to focus first.

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This workshop is provided by our Partner Companies together with Flight Levels Guides. Therefore, prices may vary by provider. Find the right dates for you, check pricing inside the detail page and book your spot. To provide fair pricing our model is based on PPP (Purchasing Power Parity).


This workshop is delivered in the form of two-days offline classes or four half-days online classes with exercises between sessions. Regardless of the chosen format, each workshop is focused on pragmatic experience and working on real-life examples.

content at a glance

understand your situation

Map the current collaboration to overcome existing silos and understand how work gets done across the organization

turn work into profit

Stop the busyness culture and start delivering value that creates profit

design a better collaboration model

Connect and enable the right people to have the right conversations at the right time

measure progress

Find out which metrics are appropriate for your context and start measuring

be ready to

Turn the newly acquired knowledge into actionable steps in your environment

your benefits

  • Access to all workshop materials (workbook + slides)
  • Invitation to join Flight Levels Community of Practice
  • A Certificate of Completion (that enables you to complete the next courses with Flight Levels Academy)

upcoming workshops

what's next

Bring your Flight Level 2 Design Skills to the next level.