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Flight Level 2 Design

Working across a department, tribe or product area

Design & Operate Flight Levels
within your Product and Service Levels

Battling with loads of Dependencies, swamped by new requests, and planning the next cycle. Under pressure to deliver faster from customers and stakeholders?

“The main impediment to flow is a lack of interaction between your teams, not the agility of the team itself”

This course helps you uncover the high leverage points for improvements, and how you can practically apply them to your unique situation.



Target Audience

  • Team Lead, Manager
  • Agile Coach
  • Department Head
  • Product Lead

Target Context

Working across departments, tribe or product area


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Content at a glance

Visualize your Situation

What hinders and enables flow across your teams?

Create Focus

Figure out what to focus on first, and how to decide for the future.

Establish agile Interactions

Connect the appropriate people to the right topics, at the right time.

Measure Progress

Decide and Define how you will gauge improvement.

Operate and Collaboration Improve

Put what you are learning into action and use it to continuously improve.

Whats next?

Fly higher and improve your knowledge. Start today with our Add-On to your Flight Level 2 Design Workshop.


Dependency Management in Flight Levels Systems

Improve the cross-team coordination. Discover your dependencies & learn how to manage them with Flight Levels

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