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Flight Levels Change Leadership

Working across the organization to lead Flight Levels change

lead & facilitate change
across all your Flight Levels

To get your company flying successfully, you not only need technically clean visualization, a clear focus and good feedback loop.

You also need people who actively shape the desired improvement. And you need the ability to co-create an agile workflow.

Enhance your ability to successfully execute Flight Levels initiatives at all levels (2/3/FLSA).

This workshop expands your toolbox for leading larger Flight Levels change initiatives.

  • Change leaders for Flight Levels
  • Agile coaches
  • Organizational developers

Expand your toolbox for leading larger change initiatives on all Flight Levels.

builds upon
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This workshop is provided by our Partner Companies together with Flight Levels Guides. Therefore, prices may vary by provider. Find the right dates for you, check pricing inside the detail page and book your spot. To provide fair pricing our model is based on PPP (Purchasing Power Parity).


This workshop is delivered in the form of two-days offline classes or four half-days online classes with exercises between sessions. Regardless of the chosen format, each workshop is focused on pragmatic experience and working on real-life examples.

content at a glance

business agility and agile change

What you need to consider to get your organization flying.


How to get 30, 50, 100 or even more people moving with purpose and continually build momentum.

Flight Levels change flow

How you can make the introduction of Flight Levels agile and improve step by step

building blocks

Which interactions have proven successful in the preparation and operation of Flight Levels - from initial clarification, design workshop preparation, to interactive introductory workshops and sounding boards to targeted improvement workshops for FL2/3 & FLSA

success Factors

Why regular Inspect & Adapt of actual change happening is essential and how the systemic loop helps you do it.


How to ensure strong sponsorship, effective implementation of each improvement step, and adequate engagement with your key stakeholders.

getting to agreement

How to get from the first contact to a sustainable contract.

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