Flight Levels Academy – Our Story

We founded FLA on the back of our success helping leaders at companies bridge the gaps between Strategy and Effective Agile Operations. 

Our Goal is to support folks along their journey to Business Agility, beyond the workshop, classroom or consulting engagement. We do do this through our community, events and Flight Club We wanted a way to help more people without always having to travel and to embrace modern and virtual learning environments in addition to personalize hands-on coaching

Now we offer flexible schedules and time commitments, collaboration with class mates and colleagues and the ability to share and learn with others on the same journey as you.

Katrin Dietze
Cliff Hazell
Cliff Hazell

Klaus Leopold

Flight Level Guides

Our Guides are experienced practitioners, teachers and coaches who can help you and your organization level up with Flight Levels

If you’d like to reach one of the guides please Contact Us