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Flight Levels Systems Architecture

Working across your Portfolio, Leadership, or multiple Departments

Connect & Operate
across all of your Flight Levels

Sticker Flight Levels System Architecture

Starting an Agile Transformation and wanting to avoid failure? Working to fix a stalled transformation effort? Struggling to align your disconnected teams and departments?

This course helps you design how the work flows through the organization to create value, and which systems to build to connect the agile islands in your organization.



Target Audience

  • Leadership
  • Transformation Leaders
  • Org Coaches
  • Org Designers

Target Context

Work mostly across your Portfolio, Leadership, or multiple departments


Sticker Flight Levels Introductions

Content at a glance

Visualize your Situation

Map your organization’s communication flows and collaboration points

Create Focus

Understand and agree on the key factors to optimize for at the systemic level.

Establish agile Interactions

Connect the appropriate people to the right topics, at the right time.

Measure Progress

Decide and Define how you will gauge improvement.

Operate and Collaboration Improve

How to connect into your operating rhythm so what you are learning becomes actionable, and continuously improves.


There are always participants in this workshop who think we are building Flight Levels boards here. We are not! In the Flight Levels Systems Architecture Workshop, a system architecture is designed that conceptually shows which Flight Level 1, 2, and 3 boards are necessary for an organisation and how these working systems interact with each other. A possible from the workshop looks something like this:

If you are interested in building a Flight Level 2 system, please attend the Flight Level 2 Design Workshop. For those interested in Flight Level 3 systems, we offer the Flight Level 3 Design Workshop.

If you are not sure which workshop is best for you, please contact us.

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