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+++ Upcoming Online Conference about Flight Levels +++ Get your tickets now +++
+++ Hear how Flight Levels is used from the people using it +++ Swisscom, Deutsches Rundfunkt Archiv, 1&1, Siemens +++

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Start your journey with “Rethinking Agile” by Klaus Leopold. Experience an ‘aha’ moment while understanding why Agile has nothing to do with Business Agility. Get your own personal copy in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese or Polish.

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If after reading “Rethinking Agile” you felt that it was all about your company, you are not the only one. Most readers recognize these Agile anti-patterns and strive to find a cure. The good news is: That we have been there, too, and many ideas to help.

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Take off your Flight Levels Journey with a three-hour introductory course with Klaus Leopold and Cliff Hazell. It’s an online course that you can complete at your own pace. Benefit from access to our provided learning materials and access to our Community of Practice.

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Already familiar with the Flight Levels? Discover how to put your knowledge into practice. Choose your next training program, join the community events and learn with other practitioners. Or even start a new career as a Flight Levels CoachTM.

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Create customer focus and inject innovation into your company’s DNA without any restructuring. Learn from Bosch Mobility Brasil how Flight Levels enabled them to do it all.

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A new year, a new strategy but the same poor execution. Check how the Bayer team used Flight Levels to successfully implement strategy across the organization.

customer-centric organization

See how magazinluiza from Brasil used the pandemic to create strategic focus and grew tremendously in a time of high uncertainty.

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Don’t travel across the world to meet THE expert in person. Connect with the Flight Levels Coach or Guide near you. Get training, coaching or consulting service, in your own country from our partners.

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