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Flight Level 3 Design

Working with the strategy of your company

Build & Operate Flight Levels
at your strategic level.

Sticker Flight Level 3 Design

Lacking Visiblity into your Strategic portfolio? Finding out of problems and opportunities too late? Struggling with People “resisting” your change programs?

This course helps you make your Strategy visible and actionable at all levels of your organization



Target Audience

  • Portfolio Management
  • Senior Leadership and C Level
  • Department Leads
  • PMO

Target Context

Work mostly within the Strategy, Portfolio, or Leadership of your company


Sticker Flight Levels Introductions

Content at a glance

Visualize your Situation

Build the visibility showing realtime what hinders and enables flow in your strategic portfolio.

Create Focus

Align your departments, and teams so that the right things move fast, and get support quickly when they need it.

Establish agile Interactions

Connect the right people and resources to the right topics at the right time.

Measure Progress

Decide and Define how you will gauge improvement.

Operate and Collaboration Improve

Establish a rhythm of improvement and synchronization, that maintains your momentum.

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