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Dependency Management

in Flight Levels Systems

Improve the cross-team coordination

Discover your dependencies & learn how to manage them with Flight Levels

Moving at an agile speed with one team is easy. But what if you operate in an environment with multiple teams, and external players? Things get tougher. Learn how to identify, classify, visualize and manage dependencies with ease.



Target Audience

Everyone involved in management:

  • Managers on different levels
  • Leadership (Directors, VPs…)
  • Transformation Leaders
  • Org Coaches
  • Agile Enterprises Coaches
  • Org Designers

Target Context

Identify the most impactful dependencies in your organization. Define experiments to reduce or eliminate the key dependencies. Learn how to visualize and manage delays through better communication, interactions and process.


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Content at a Glance

Understand dependencies

Learn about dependency types, their impact on the system, and techniques to manage them.

Find the most impactful dependencies

Use data to define which dependencies have the biggest impact on the value flow in your organization

Dependencies Management

Learn how the Flight Levels Systems help in capturing impactful dependencies and discover tools to prioritize and manage them better

Fix the most impactful dependencies

Use Flight Level 2 systems to eliminate root causes of key dependencies in your organization

be ready to take-off

Create your own dependency management strategy based on your needs using Flight Levels