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Kuldeep Singh SolankiFlight Levels Coach®

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Flight Levels Coach | PKT @ ProKanban.org | PST @ Scrum.org | Agile Leadership Journey Guide @ALJ
Location: Berlin, Germany

Kuldeep is an Agile Team Coach @SAP, Germany. He is focused on developing high-performing Agile teams, developing Agile leaders, and establishing Psychological Safety within people, teams, and organizations. He is very passionate about the increasing team's effectiveness and flow enablement around new ways of working and causing significant improvements in value delivery.

He is a Flight Levels Coach at Flight Levels Academy,  Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) at Scrum.org, Professional Kanban Trainer (PKT) at Prokanban.org, Agile Leadership Journey (ALJ) Guide at AgileLeadershipJourney.comPsychological Safety Coach & SAFe SAFe Program Consultant at ScaleAgile Inc. He is licensed to use Amy Edmondson's PSI scan, 4 Stages of Psychological Safety scan, Agility Health Radar & Comparative Agility to perform various assessments around People, Teams, Leadership, and Organization agility.

He is a "Culture Architect", Avid Biker, Avid Learner, Flow enabler, Value Delivery Orchestrator, and Empiricist. Propagator of Iterative, Incremental ways of working, Continuous Improvement, and Continuous Learning/Unlearning/Re-learning.

He holds rich exposure in enabling Data-Driven Agile Teams (oops Family!!) along with a focus on Psychological Safety & People's Morale/Happiness. Passionate and Steadfast Scrum & Agile practitioner to enable Organizational Change and Mindset shift.

Having worked with multicultural teams and multiple continents, Kuldeep enjoys collaborating and enabling people across global organizations. He is passionate about Reading books, and continuous Learning and enjoys exploring Visual Facilitation.

He is a proud owner of Harley Davidson and a member of HOG (Harley Owner Group), he spends his time with bikers as well as passionate Agile Community members. 

He had a decade of experience working in APAC (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), and India. Currently, he is based out of Berlin & Walldorf, Germany

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