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Tina RiegerFlight Levels Coach®

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Agile Coach & Trainer, improuv GmbH
Location: Munich, Germany

An AGILE  Coach and Trainer with a sound background of knowledge and hands-on experience which she uses to the utmost advantage when working in companies and teams.  

Her professional experience is characterized by classic and Agile project work, trainings and the regular exchange at all corporate levels up to Board members. For Tina, healthy change can be equated with customized support. Teams and companies can only be „ahead of the game“ methodically, personally and from a business point of view when the agile method completely meets their requirements and structures. This is where Flight Levels comes in very well.

With a sporting background, Tina was a successful competitive athlete and fencing coach.

A further 20 years of professional experience: 

1.  as a Controller with a high project share in a private bank

2.  preferred in a consultancy role in the M & A sector

3.  to-date systemic Coach, Agile Coach and Trainer

The above experience has resulted in an adept communicator and team player with an eye for the entrepreneur as well as for the team.

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