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Thorsten Oliver KalninFlight Levels Coach®

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Enterprise Agile Coach
Location: Cologne, Germany


I'm Thorsten, living with mit lovely dog in Cologne. I'm working as an Agile Coach since 2007 and as an Enterprise Agile Coach since 2011 as a Freelancer at The Third Art. I'm a Co-Creator of the Play4Agile community and Conference, the Agile Lean Europe (ALE) network and created the Agile Coach Curriculum in 2012. I have a Master in Cognitive Neuroscience, am an Co-Active(R) Coach, Executive Coach at the ICF and professional Facilitator at the IAF.

I'm a vinyl-lover, love shaking the turntables, create electronic dance music and love to dance until I drop ;)

Let's connect and figure out what we can discover and create together.

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