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Siegfried Kaltenecker Flight Levels Guide
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Lean Agile Coach
Location: Vienna
Dr. Siegfried „Sigi“ Kaltenecker is the joint managing director of Loop Consultancy, specialising in business agility & self-organisation Over the course of the last 20 years Sigi has been involved in over 200 enterprises in va
Upcoming Workshops
Facilitated by Siegfried Kaltenecker
November 18 2021
Flight Levels Flow Design
ONLINE / GMT+7 / in Thai
2x 8h /
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December 01 2021
Flight Levels Change Leadership
Online / CET / in German
4x 2,5h + Exercises between sessions /
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December 07 2021
Flight Levels Coach Online
Online / CET (GMT+1) / in English
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January 24 2022
Flight Levels Coach Online Deutsch
Online / CET (GMT+1) / in German
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