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Flight Levels Guide & Coach I PST Scrum.org I PKT Prokanban I TBR-CT I CEO Flowsphere India
Location: India
Nagesh is deeply committed to driving change and enhancing business outcomes. His expertise in Large Enterprise transformations encompasses implementing Lean and Agile approaches, understanding organizational dynamics, and fostering high-performing teams.Possessing extensive knowledge and experience in the Lean-Agile space, Nagesh's coaching and training skills enable him to effectively guide individuals, teams, and organizations in leveraging Agile for a competitive edge. His credentials include being an accomplished Flight Levels Guide and coach, a SAFe Trainer, a Scrum.org Trainer, and a ProKanban Trainer. His global impact is evident, having trained over 9,000 people worldwide.In addition, Nagesh holds the titles of Enterprise Agile Coach and Certified IL Master Executive Coach, accredited by John Mattone, and an ACE Certified Coach, recognized by David Peterson & David Goldsmith. His proficiency in applying Flight Levels across strategic, coordination, and operational aspects in organizations significantly boosts value delivery and business performance.Nagesh is also a recognized figure in the Agile community, actively participating as a speaker at various international events. These include Scrum Day Europe, Scrum Deutschland, Scrum Day India, Agility Today, Agile NCR, and Regional Scrum Gathering. He has also contributed as a track Curator for the Scrum Master Podcast in 2021, Agile NCR in 2022, and Flight Levels Day in 2022 and 2023 at Bosch. Additionally, he holds a board member position and speaker role at Agile NCR 2023 and is slated to participate in Flight Levels Day 2024.

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