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Joanne PeroldFlight Levels Coach®

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Founder/ Director/ Coach @ Faethm
Location: Johannesburg ,South Africa

With a career spanning two decades, I have worked in diverse positions and industries, including product development, coaching,  business intelligence, and executive leadership. In 2008, I discovered the world of Agile and a different approach to product development and getting work done. In 2012, I discovered an amazing peer group of leaders and coaches who helped me to grow and hone my skills.  I have deep knowledge and experience from both a theory and a practical perspective, and I take a pragmatic yet critical-thinking approach to coaching. 

I have worked with teams and organisations to transform and improve their work, using Scrum, Kanban, Flight Levels and other methods. I invest time learning about leadership and coaching models and applying them with the product teams, leadership teams, and individuals I work with. My curiosity keeps me constantly learning and growing. These different perspectives give me a deeper toolbox to dig into.

I am passionate about creating spaces that enable others to reflect and grow, learning from their own experiences. My superpowers lie in coaching product development, strategic thinking and human interactions. I bring a human element that creates safety and buy-in. 

Outside of work, it’s important for me to give back and grow the community in South Africa but also globally. I regularly volunteer my time and expertise at local universities and user groups as a mentor, coach and trainer.

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