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Agile Organizational Coach
Location: Feuerbach, Germany

Back in the 1990s I started my professional career as a software developer & architect in a small start-up with 6 people in total. Lots of overtime and nights with pizza and coke :) But we made it - meanwhile this little company has a leading position in a very special market segment. Why did I leave? Hm, not that easy but in the end it was more about the people than about the hard work. Not being valued and not being treated as human are only two of the topics I faced. Over the years I noticed more and more that for me it is more interesting and challenging (in a positive way!) to work with people and accompany, support and even help them to grow and/ or get a new perspective or even insights about their own.

In 2003/2004 I heard about something called scrum and agile. It was quite interesting because of the values, principles, habits and attitudes you should have and follow to implement a different style of how we work together and getting things really done! And hey, they even valued individuals - that sounded pretty cool to me and I was totally convinced that this will be a good way into the future and this will be the next big thing!

Now, 20 years later in 2023, agile IS the big thing every company is talking about! Many transformation and transition initiatives - tons of change agents all around and even some of them noticed that agile is not a project. It is a journey and the might have noticed that there is still a long way to go. Proud to be part of this journey and to continue my personal growth and learning with the Flight Levels idea.

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