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Founder of the Flight Levels Academy and LEANability
Location: Vienna, Austria, Global, Remote
Dr. Klaus Leopold, is a computer scientist and, as a top management consultant, has been helping companies worldwide to act agile in the market for more than ten years. Klaus developed the Flight Levels model because he repeatedly observed a phenomenon in agile transformations: Teams are "agilized," but these local optimizations do not result in an agile business. In his book Rethinking Agility, he shows the reasons for this fallacy and how to avoid it. In his early years in the Agile community, Klaus worked intensively with Kanban and wrote two standard works on the subject Practical Kanban and as co-author of "Kanban Change Leadership". Today, he uses the Flight Levels model to provide a non-prescriptive thinking framework for organizations to find their individual path to greater business agility. He shares his thoughts, experiences, and insights on the blog www.LEANability.com and under @klausleopold on Twitter.

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