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Agreement of the Flight Levels Coach Program

This is an explicit agreement for our collaboration in the Flight Levels Coach Program to ensure effective learning can take place.

Active Participation
  • The Flight Levels Coach is a program where experts meet as equals. We are a diverse group, often from various countries and cultures, with participants coming from different backgrounds: managers, coaches, consultants, and from large and small companies across multiple industries.
  • As a participant, you agree to actively engage in the sessions by sharing your knowledge, working on cases with others, and making your own cases and experiences available to the group.
  • You also agree that you will consistently attend all sessions in a suitable environment, meaning you have a stable internet connection, are not in a car, at an airport, or a similar location, and do not have overlapping appointments.
  • You agree to reserve all dates, including Intersession and Intertopic Work. We want to create a trusting learning environment, and participant hop-on and hop-off negatively impact group dynamics.
  • Exceptions can happen: If you cannot attend a session, you agree to inform the session leads well in advance so they can accommodate it in their planning. You cannot simply switch to a later Program if you miss sessions or entire topics.
  • We cannot issue a certificate for unexplained absences. This also applies to Intersession and Intertopic Work, as they are integral parts of the FLCP.