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Enterprise Agile Coach Non-IT
Location: Germany
I’m Enterprise Agile Coach by heart and I support organizations to set guidelines in order to reach their strategic goals – by focussing on the people. I’m not dogmatic on agile methods but rather like to combine approaches as agile and lean to find the solution that suits best the people and their individual context. Since several years now I’m focussing on non-IT organizations: What does agile ways of working mean for a handicraft business? How is agility applied in longterm construction projects and what benefits does it bring? How can we decrease development time for medical hardware using agile and lean approches? I love digging into those questions and – alongside with my customers - finding ways to improve their work.   Together with a colleague I publish the Business Agility podcast. (Unfortunately so far only in German.): Business Agility Podcast. If you’re interested to find out how I started my journey – here’s an interview by my dear colleague Thomas van der Burg:    

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