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Wolfgang Wiedenroth Flight Levels Guide
Languages: English, German Region: Germany
Wolfgang Wiedenroth helps companies and their added value to get into the flow - towards effective companies that can react flexibly to the needs and expectations of their customers and employees. He is convinced of evolutionary change that is based on the company's current goal and the acutely identified obstacles.

In 2006, as a trainee IT specialist, he introduced Scrum in the role of Scrum Masters in his training company. In the same company, he used the Kanban method for the first time in 2009 as an IT team leader. Today he works with his colleagues to ensure that companies with agile ways of thinking and working are successful in the long term. He focuses on the Kanban method. Wolfgang is a regular speaker on the topic of Kanban at conferences, user groups and in companies. He also writes articles and has translated several books on the Kanban method and leadership. He lives with his wife and two sons in Hanover, enjoys and collects single malt whiskey.
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