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Flight Levels Guide

José Jr Flight Levels Guide
Languages: Portuguese, English Region: Brazil
Based in São Paulo, Brazil, José Jr is and Agile Expert at K21

I believe in a bright future for everyone and especially in the ability to build together and have a daring goal to help build a world in which the vast majority of people go home every day feeling good for their work, I believe the Monday is the best day of the week ever. For innovation to happen I believe that it is necessary to carry out the substitution of the management made through command and control by a management based on autonomy, collaboration and teamwork. I work as a coaching team and individual coaching to enhance the success in adopting agile practices in companies of different business lines, acting as an observer, mediator, facilitator and instructor to ensure that agile principles and values translate into daily practices of teams, with multiplier effect for the business level. My international experience in multicultural environments and teams makes me use challenging Status Quo disruptive thinking, creativity, and teamwork. I mainly use disruptive thinking, the pursuit of excellence, continuous improvement, innovation in methods and processes, dissemination of knowledge and ability to assemble and motivate work teams, all with a set of principles, practices and tools that collaborative learning, where sharing is the new way of learning and teaching and I am one of the Learning 3.0 Facilitators. I do volunteer work, lectures and trainings in Brazil on Agility (Scrum, Lean Kanban and other Agile Methods) Innovation and learning in Events, Companies and Universities. I created the Youtube Mundo Compartilhado channel that is dedicated to subjects like Sharing, Collaboration, Learning, Technology, Startups, Innovation, Agility, Management and Entrepreneurship.
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