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Recent Episodes

Dec 8 2020

Team Topologies explained

Matthew and Manuel’s excellent book Team Topologies described the challenges and proposed patterns for organizing teams effectively.

We’ll explore their ideas, what patterns are working, and how they might look on Flight Level 2 and 3.

Nov 24 2020

Leadership at All Levels – with Esther Derby

“Even if you don’t have change management in your job description, your job involves change.” as Esther says.
We’ll explore models and tools for enabling adaptive leadership at all Levels, and go deeper on her most recent book.

Esther is the author of “Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great” and “7 Rules for Positive, Productive Change”.

I’ve personally learnt so much from Esther over the last 10 years, and am very excited to be able to share this session with all of you! (Cliff)

Nov 11 2020

SAFe vs Flight Levels?

SAFe can be a polarising topic. Often folks see things as either or, all or nothing.

We’ll explore what Flight Levels and SAFe have in common, how they differ, and how they can co-exist. Matías E. Fernández is an Agile Coach at Swisscom in Zurich.

Oct 20 2020

Get Started Forecasting on Flight Level 2 – With Julia Wester

Learn about Forecasting on Flight Level 2.

What questions can I answer with forecasting? What data do you need? Do all my Flight Items needs to be the same size? What makes forecasts more or less predictable?

Sep 10 2020

Establishing Agile interactions Company-wide using Tension as a Guide

We talk to Matthias Lang from “dwarfs and Giants” about his experiences building and teach tools for healthy interactions across all levels and areas of companies.

If you interested in how to handle Resistance, this session is for you!

His experiences draws from Sociocracy and Holacracy, and the vast array of tools they offer for surfacing points of tension, and how to design better working models as a result.

Aug 25 2020

Digital Transformation and Flight Levels – Exponential Growth of Magalu Brazil

We talk two wonderful humans from Magalu, one of Brazil largest retailers, about their experience fostering Digital Transformation.

Director of Organisational Agility, Henrique Imbertti and Flow Coach João Reis.

From how they’ve responded to the pandemic, launched new successful products faster than before, and what they’ve learnt a long the way.

Jul 22 2020

Heidi Helfand author of “Dynamic Reteaming”

This week we be talked with Heidi Heidi Helfand.

“Team change will happen whether we like it or not. People will come and go from our teams. Our companies might double in size or even get acquired.

We can catalyze team change to reduce the risk of attrition, learning and career stagnation and the development of knowledge silos.

Dynamic Reteaming describes practices for effective reteaming as well as antipatterns.”

Jul 3 2020

Keynote: “Business Agility with Systems, Science and Sapiens” by Cliff Hazell

Keynote talk by Cliff Hazell @ Deutsche Telekom Agilista Barcamp 2020 Recorded on 25 June 2020

Cliff has made a career out of breaking down the obstacles that stand in the way of great work. He is often challenging the status quo in his quest to develop the right culture and systems for creation of excellent Companies and Products.

After a tour of addresses across South Africa, Cliff moved to Stockholm where he led a team of Coaches at Spotify for 4 years. Now having founded Flight Levels Academy focuses on helping companies be effective at Scale.

2 July 2020

OKRs and Flight Levels at Bayer

Join us as we talk with Verena Fischer and Christian Pütter about how they use OKR’s and Flight Levels to turn Strategy into reality at Bayer!

We explore… How they started and what the Journey has been so far They’ll Walk us through how the operating rhythm and cycle.

What Tips or things they now wish they’d learnt earlier and we’ll take questions from the Live Chat as we go!

Jun 17 2020

Manage FLOW, not People!

In this episode we talk with Rochelle Roos and Mike Freislich about how to “Manage Flow, Not People!”

We explore… Why not people? If Flow is better… Flow of what?

What does this look like in practice? How does Flight Levels help do this? How can we tell if it’s working?

Jun 3 2020

The impact of DEPENDENCIES – and how to MANAGE them

We talked with Troy Magennis about Dependencies!