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Maik Helsing

Many people have been reading our book Rethinking Agile and saying “we need this in our company”. Some even describe it as the missing link. However, the book offers only a small glimpse into the problems we are solving and it outlines some of our solutions. There is so much more once you get into the details… This has prompted the Flight Levels Academy to clarify its workshop program and introduce titles to make it easier to understand who has what knowledge and who has what experience. 

Our workshop programs show you a way to use Flight Levels to help entire organizations achieve true business agility – tailored to your requirements, your company size, and your existing experience!

New Programs – Learn and Show off your Experience!

We offer two Programs: One for departments, tribes or single Products, one for the whole company:

  • In the Flight Levels Flow Enabler  Program, you learn to establish business agility within tribes, products and departments. We focus on the size of about 30 and 300 people.
  • In the Flight Levels Flow Architect Program, you learn how to establish business agility throughout the organisation, across multiple departments and products. We focus on the size of 1000 – 100k people.

If you want to go beyond that and put Flight Levels at the centre of your work as a professional l coach or trainer, we offer two advanced programs:

  • In the Certified Flight Levels Coach  Program, you learn how to design and support agile change processes for entire organisations.
  • The Certified Flight Levels Guide  Program is aimed at trainers who want to offer certified Flight Levels training.

Details of the programs and titles

Flight Levels Flow Enabler

You can build and operate cross-team work systems and establish Flow for 30 to 300 people. You will develop the coaching skills to help others manage their Flight Level Systems and to design and conduct large group events. 

There are three workshops that make up the program:

  1. Introduction to Flight Levels
  2. Flight Levels Flow Design
  3. Flight Levels Change Leadership

Flight Levels Flow Architect

You deal with the process organisation and change at the organisational level. You find out which systems are needed at which Flight Levels in an organisation to achieve the desired goals. You discover which systems are necessary at which Flight Levels to achieve the desired goals, and you can design an agile change process.

There are two workshops that make up the program:

  1. Introduction to Flight Levels
  2. Flight Levels Systems Architecture
  3. Flight Levels Change Leadership

Flight Levels Coach

When the decision is made to improve the operational structure of an entire company using the Flight Levels concept, you really have a lot to do. You must be able to master the skills of the Flight Levels Flow Enabler and Flight Levels Systems Architect because as a Certified Flight Levels Coach you must also be able to lead Flow Design and System Architecture workshops. You must be able to accompany and coach people from top managers to individual team members. Basically, it’s about creating a new social architecture – that requires a great deal of sensitivity and the knowledge of how to accompany change processes.

To become a Certified Flight Levels Coach:

  1. Completed: Flight Levels Flow Enabler, Flight Levels System Architect
  2. Completion of the Flight Levels Coach Training
  3. Review process through the Flight Levels Academy

Flight Levels Guide

Together with another Certified Flight Levels Guide from the Flight Levels Academy, you will learn to prepare and conduct all workshops as a co-trainer. After successful completion, you will be entitled to hold workshops at the Flight Levels Academy and issue the corresponding certificates.

In what order should the workshops be completed?

Everything starts with the Flight Levels Introduction Workshop, as it forms the foundation for all other programs.

We generally recommend that you complete the Flight Levels Flow Enabler program as the first step, followed by the Flight Levels Systems Architect program. The intent is to first learn how to establish business agility within a tribe, product or department of 30 to 300 people. Once you have experienced this, the next step is to learn how to create business agility for the entire organisation.

If you still want to start with the Flight Levels Systems Architect program, a simple self-assessment:

  • You have several years of experience as an agile coach.
  • You have already successfully created and operated work systems for tribes, departments, company or product divisions of 30 – 300 people.
  • You know how to establish Flow and visualise work and create focus across multiple teams.
  • You know how to work with individuals, small groups and large groups (like 20 or more experts coordinating together through a Flight Level 2 system), and have experience in facilitating stand-ups and retrospectives on all three Flight Levels.

If you can answer all questions with Yes, then you are ready for the Flight Levels Systems Architect program. If you answer No to some of the points, we recommend starting with the Flight Levels Flow Enabler program.

If you have already completed workshops, these will count towards your completion of the Program.

For questions, we are always at your disposal!

Maik Helsing

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