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What is a Flight Levels Partner Company?

  • A Flight Levels Partner Company offers, organizes, and executes certified Flight Level Workshops. A certified workshop is open to the public or conducted as an inhouse consultancy service.
  • A Flight Levels Partner Company has own Flight Level Guides or maintains contractual relationships with Guides from the FLG network.
  • A Flight Levels Partner Company registers all participants for certification.
  • A Flight Levels Partner Company trains at least 50 participants per year.
  • A Flight Levels Partner Company is is able to advertise, conduct and invoice high-end workshops professionally.

Why become a Partner Company?

You position your company at the forefront of Flight Levels Academy experts worldwide who drive Business Agility across entire enterprises.

Offer certified workshops

Get accredited by the Flight Levels Academy and offer Certified Workshops

Co-branded Certificates

Your logo along side ours on participants certificates for all your Flight Levels Workshops.

List your Workshops

List your workshops on our Trainings Calendar

Your Partner Profile

Profile your company on our website and use your credentials and our logo on your websites..

Need to have your own Guides?

That’s the long term plan. But if you don’t yet have your own Flight Levels GuidesTM, or would like to test the market: We connect you with our Guides Network, who can deliver workshops for you.

Requirements and Expectations

  • Be an Ambassador for Flight Levels
  • Stay up to date, and participate in the Community
  • Signed Commercial Agreement with Flight Levels Academy
  • We strive for a long term partnership and renew our contracts yearly
  • Pros partner with Pros. We expect proficiency in, e.g. GDPR compliance and Taxes.

Path to being a Partner Company

Express your interest

Let’s discuss and sign our Partner Company Agreement

List your first workshops

FLA Partner

You are now Flight Levels Partner

How do the Fees work?

  • Partners register their participants for certification and pay certification fees.
  • Certificates fees are charged at 100,- EUR per participant
  • Partner Company fee is charged on a yearly basis: 5000,- EUR
  • For your first year with us, we reduce this to 2500,- EUR to help you to get started
  • These Partner Company fees count as prepaid credit for your certificate fees
  • All prices are adjustable by PPP depending on the location of the Partner Company
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