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What is a Flight Levels GuideTM

An increasing number of companies worldwide are using Flight Levels to operate agile in the market.
Flight Levels Academy offers a Flight Levels GuideTM (FLG) program to meet the growing demand for guidance. You can position yourself at the forefront of Flight Levels Academy experts worldwide who drive Business Agility across entire enterprises with high-class accreditations.

At Flight Levels Academy, we call our trainers Guides because they not only train you but can guide your way towards a truly agile business. All Guides maintain a broad spectrum of strategies and experience that, combined with Flight Levels, create a highly efficient, result-oriented, method-agnostic way of working for organizations.

Flight Levels GuidesTM focus on conducting practical, instantly applicable workshops held within companies or as public training events with a Flight Levels certification.

Flight Levels GuidesTM benefit from knowledge exchange through regular events and workshop co-facilitation. Flight Levels GuidesTM play a significant role in the further development of Flight Levels.

Why become a Guide?

Offer certified workshops

Get accredited by the Flight Levels Academy and offer Certified Workshops with a Flight Levels Partner Company

Your Profile and Workshop Listings

Profile yourself and list your workshops on our website. Use your credentials and our logo on your website.

Training Materials and Platform

Access our Training Materials and Participant Platform

Educator Community

Learn from the best in the industry. Level up your workshop offerings

What to do: Flight Levels CoachTM or Guide?

That’s an easy decision. You need to be Flight Levels CoachTM first anyway, which means both will have similar expertise and experience. FLC is perfectly suitable if you plan to support companies directly in hands-on coaching projects.

Some Coaches want to top it off and also like to teach certified workshops. Plan for a t least 50 students a year in certified workshops to make this additional effort worthwhile.

Flight Levels Coach TM

Can coach, lead and facilitate
organisation wide change

Flight Levels GuideTM

Can coach, lead and facilitate org wide change


Teach Certified Workshops

Requirements and Expectations

  • Be an Ambassador for Flight Levels
  • Stay up to date, and participate in the Community
  • Have an accredited Flight Levels Partner Company, or a business
  • Relationship with such, through which to offer Workshops

Path to being a Guide

Start by Becoming a Flight Levels CoachTM

Express your interest

Let’s discuss and sign our Guide Agreement

Co-train with us. Fly first with a Partner.

You are now a
Flight Levels GuideTM,
able to fly solo

How do the Fees work?

  • We charge an annual fee per Guide covering access to the materials, personal credentials and regular exchange events.
  • As part of your education to become a Flight Levels Guide (TM) we charge a one-time co-facilitation fee for each workshop type that you want to offer.
  • A Flight Levels Guide works with a Flight Levels Partner Company in every workshop, and this partner company is accountable for certification fees for
  • All prices are adjustable by PPP depending on the location of the Guide.
Interested? Got a Question? Need help?

Check out our comparison of credentials

For Coaches or Consultants, to become an Accredited Flight Levels Coach
For Flight Levels CoachesTM who want to deliver Certified Workshops
For Flight Levels Partner Companies who want to offer Certified Workshops
Use your title, accredited by FLA
Have a profile on our website
Have a badge and certificate
coming in 2022
Invite to FLC Days
Teach certified Flight Level
Offer certified workshops
List certified workshop offerings on flightlevels.io
Stay active and up to date on Flight Levels
  • Participate in FL + FLC Days
  • Be Active in the Community
  • Participate in FL + FLC Days
  • Be Active in the Community
  • Issue at least 20 certificates per year
  • Issue at least 50 certificates per year
Requires commercial agreement
Have a company under whose accounting you can work
How to do it?
  1. Signup and Attend the FLC Program
  2. Signup as a Flight Levels Supporter
  1. Become an FLC
  2. Reach out to us
  3. Sign agreement with FLA
  1. Reach out to us
  2. Organise a workshop
Costs and Fees
Recommended € 240 per year (€ 20/month) First year included, may change in the future
€ 990 per guide per year
min. €5000 Accreditation fees